pHin Bridge is Not Connected to Wifi

This article includes tips for correcting Bridge not Connected to WiFi issues found by the Mobile App Troubleshooting Tool.

One of your pHin Bridges in not connected to WiFi.

This can happen if you recently changed your WiFi settings( SSID or password ) or your bridge has a poor connection to your WiFi. If you haven't made changes to your Wifi settings and the bridge was previously working you should try moving the bridge to an outlet close to your Wifi router or access point. If the bridge starts working then you'll need to locate an outlet in your home that allows the bridge to receive data from the pHin monitor and connect to your wifi. If there are no good locations you may have to consider extending your Wifi by purchasing and installing a new access point.

If moving the bridge near your Wifi didn't work or you recently changed your Wifi SSID or password you'll need to reconnect your Bridge to your Wifi.

First, perform a factory reset on the Bridge. After you have successfully performed a factory reset, launch the pHin mobile app. Then open the Devices Menu, tap the Plus button, and perform Bridge setup. The bridge setup flow will guide you through connecting the Bridge to your Wifi.

Click the Add Device button

Click Next to start Bridge Setup