pHin Bridge Not Checked In

This article includes tips for correcting Bridge not Checked In issues found by the Mobile App Troubleshooting Tool.

The pHin Bridge sends water samples from your pHin Monitor to the pHin Cloud using your WiFi. Sometimes the samples cannot reach the pHin Cloud.

This can happen if...

A. The Bridge loses power. Please confirm at least one LED on its face is lit. Avoid plugging the Bridge into an outlet controlled by a wall switch or timer.

B. Your router/modem or WiFi credentials have changed since setting up your bridge (the bridge has 2 solid LEDs). Please perform a "pin reset" to re-configure the bridge.

C. The Bridge is beyond signal range of your WiFi router. Either move the Bridge closer to your WiFi router, but still within Bluetooth range of your pHin Monitor, or use a range extender to enhance your WiFi router's signal strength.

D. Your Bridge is in setup mode (has a flashing LED above a solid LED). Use the pHin mobile app to setup the Bridge.