pHin for Bromine Hot Tubs

pHin recommends using Bromine for hot tubs for the following reasons:

  • Bromine is more stable at spa-like temperatures
  • Bromine causes less skin and eye irritation with lower odor
  • Bromine is less susceptible to sudden pH changes caused by bather load or other factors


Initial Setup / Regular Refills

In order for your Bromine hot tub to function properly you first need to establish a Bromide reserve in your water. You can do this by purchasing a product with ~99% Sodium Bromide or ~99% Sodium Dichloro/Sodium Bromide at your pool store and following the label instructions. You'll only need to do this when you first start using Bromine or after you change the water in your hot tub.

The pHin mobile app will notify you with a "Add Bromo Boost" required action.

Regular Water Care

Bromine hot tubs use Bromine tablets to provide sustained sanitization. You should regularly add Bromine tablets directly to a floater in your hot tub.

When it's time, pHin will notify you with a "Time to Add Bromine" regularly scheduled action.

Sometimes your sanitization level will get too low due bather load or other factors such as weather and debris. To address this, you will need to shock your hot tub with either MPS Oxidizer, Sodium Chloride, or Sodium DiChlor to reactivate the Bromide reserve in your water.

When this is needed, pHin will give you an "Add Shockrequired action. 

You should continue to maintain the pH of your water as you would when using Chlorine or any other sanitizer. pHin will notify you if you pH is out of balance.

Click Here for a list of chemicals that, when used with pHin, will provide specific dosing amounts.