pHin Monitor Not Found

This article includes tips for correcting Monitor Not Found issues in the Mobile App Troubleshooting Tool.

The Troubleshooting Tool was not able to detect one or more of your pHin Monitors.

There are a couple of common reasons for this to occur:

1) You are not standing close enough to the pHin Monitor. When the Troubleshooting Tool prompts to move near the pHin Monitor you should walk outside and stand as close as possible to the pHin Monitor in your water without getting your mobile device wet.

2) The pHin Monitor may be asleep. To awaken a pHin Monitor, remove the bottom cap and swipe it back and forth across the pHin water drop logo until it flashes a blue LED.

Wake Monitor

If repeated swipes does not activate the water drop LED, please try swiping with a refrigerator magnet.

Rerun the Troubleshooting Tool to detect any additional problems with the pHin Monitor.