pHin Monitor Range Issues

This article includes tips for correcting monitor range issues found by the Mobile App Troubleshooting Tool.

The pHin Monitor uses Bluetooth technology to send water sensor readings to the pHin Bridge. Obstacles such as concrete, walls, water, and metal appliances can reduce the range. If your Monitor’s signal cannot be received by the Bridge, your status can become “disconnected”. Poor signal quality can also impact the timeliness and accuracy of chemical actions.


If your pHin Monitor is out of range try one or more of the following:

Move your pHin Bridge to an inside outlet as close to the pHin Monitor as possible. If possible, mount the Bridge high up, this will allow the radio signals to better clear over any obstacles.

Tether your pHin Monitor for the best “line-of-sight” to the Bridge, but always consider the range. If the lip of the pool is blocking the signal, try tethering the Monitor to one of the other sides. 

For above ground hot tubs, mount the Bridge higher up for best results, as radio signals cannot pass through water.

​Relocate obstacles such as furniture away from the signal path between your Monitor and Bridge.

After correcting one or more range problems, re-run the Troubleshooting Tool to see if the problem has been fixed.