pHin Test Strip Kit instructions

pHin uses specially made test strip kits to measure other aspects of your pool or hot tub's water chemistry that is not electronically measured by the pHin monitor. This includes Total Alkalinity (TA), Total Hardness (TH), and Cyanuric Acid (CYA). You can find your test strip results in Water Report through the pHin mobile app, along with guidelines and recommendations. Customer Care may also use these results to assist you with water quality issues and/or verify the calibration of your pHin monitor.

You will use the pHin mobile app to snap a photo of the test strip on top of the calibration card provided and upload it to pHin's servers for processing.

Follow these instructions to upload a test strip:

  1. Grab your mobile phone with the pHin app installed, a test strip and the calibration card which came with your calibration kit.
  2. Immerse the test strip into your water for 2 seconds and remove with the test strip pads face-up.
  3. Lightly shake the test strip once to remove excess water.
  4. Place the calibration card onto a flat surface where there is bright and colorless light. Avoid shadows, glare and reflected light.
  5. Next, place the test strip onto the calibration card and align the strip with the black guideline on the card. The pads on the test strip should align with the black squares on the guideline.
  6. Click the 'Next' button in the pHin mobile app to launch the test strip camera view.
  7. Align the colored corners on the screen with the colored boxes on the calibration card. Also align the dotted line on the calibration card with the box on the screen.
  8. Be still and press the white circular camera button to snap a photo of your test strip and calibration card.
  9. If the photo is clear and properly aligned, click the 'Send' button to upload the photo to the pHin servers. If the photo is too dark, blurry or not aligned properly click the 'Retake' button and repeat steps 4 - 9.


Common Problems

Test strip mis-aligned


Too Far Away

Too Close

Too Dark