Setting up your pHin Monitor

The pHin Monitor floats in your Pool or Hot Tub and continuously measures your water. You'll need to perform a one-time setup of the pHin Monitor before tossing it in your Pool or Hot Tub.

Start by installing the pHin mobile App, logging in or creating an account, and beginning pHin setup. During the setup process you'll be asked to set up your pHin Monitor. This part of setup requires you to be physically close to the pHin Monitor. The mobile App will guide you through each of the steps:

  • Wake up your pHin Monitor
  • Connect to your pHin Monitor
  • Stow the storage cap
  • Complete the checklist before tossing the pHin Monitor in your water

Most of the time the monitor setup process works the first time. If you're having trouble setting up your pHin Monitor please read the common problems and solutions below:

You cannot wake up your pHin Monitor

When you swipe the end-cap over the water drop you should always see a blue flashing light in the water drop on the front of the pHin Monitor. Be sure to precisely follow the cap-swipe instructions.

The pHin Mobile App cannot locate your pHin Monitor

The most common reason for this error is that the pHin Monitor is still asleep. It's very important to precisely follow the cap-swipe instructions and confirm you are seeing a blue flashing light inside the water drop. If you ARE seeing a blue light but are still receiving this error, please reboot your mobile phone and try again. If you're using an Android phone you should refer to the detailed troubleshooting instructions.