Setting up your pHin Wi-Fi Bridge

The pHin Wi-Fi Bridge connects to your home Wi-Fi and relays water samples from your pHin monitor to the Internet. Without the Wi-Fi Bridge, your pHin Monitor can only send water samples via Bluetooth when the mobile device with the pHin mobile app installed is near. It is in your best interest to setup the WiFi Bridge to ensure a continuous stream of water samples for more reliable action notifications.

Start by installing the pHin mobile App, logging in or creating an account, and beginning pHin setup. During the setup process you'll be asked to set up your pHin Wi-Fi Bridge. This part of setup requires you to be physically close to the Bridge while it is plugged in. The mobile app will guide you through each of the steps:

  • Scan the QR code on the back of the Bridge
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password

Most of the time the bridge setup process works the first time. If you're having trouble getting your bridge to connect to your Wi-Fi‚Äč network please read the common problems and solutions below:

The pHin Mobile App cannot locate your pHin Wi-Fi Bridge

During the setup process your phone needs to connect to the Wi-Fi Bridge over Bluetooth. You will need to stand close to the bridge after you scan the QR code and plug it in. If this does not help, you should try rebooting your phone. If you are using an Android phone you should refer to the detailed troubleshooting instructions.

You don't see your Wi-Fi network

The pHin Wi-Fi Bridge performs a Wi-Fi scan and sends the located networks to your phone. If your Bridge is not able to find your Wi-Fi network you should move the Bridge to another outlet closer to your Wi-Fi access point. 

You encounter a Bridge Setup Error

The most common reason for these errors is an incorrect password. Passwords are hard to remember, and sometimes it's hard to type them in on a phone. In the app, there is a button labelled "Show" next to where you type in your password. Tap this button to show the password as you type it in.

If you are certain that you typed in your password correctly, and you have the correct SSID, then the problem might be a configuration in your home's wireless router. Check your router for especially strict security settings. If you can, record these settings and have them available when you contact Customer Care.

Please note, the USB and Ethernet ports on the Bridge are non-functional.