The pHin Mobile App Troubleshooting Tool

The pHin Mobile App troubleshooting tool uses Bluetooth on your mobile device to discover and inspect nearby pHin devices. The data collected during the troubleshooting process is saved so that our customer support agents can help you determine what may be causing your issues.

Getting Started

1. Tap on the gear icon near your address.

2. Tap on the "Troubleshoot Devices" button.

Performing Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is performed in two phases, each from a different point of view. In each phase, your mobile device will use Bluetooth to inspect your pHin Monitors and Bridges.

Scan for Devices From Bridge

For this stage, you'll need to walk to where your pHin bridge is plugged in. From this point in your home the pHin mobile app will scan for your bridge using Bluetooth and inspect it's settings to ensure it is working properly. The mobile app will also scan for any nearby pHin monitors.

Scan for Devices From Monitor

For this stage you'll need to walk as close as possible to your pHin monitor without getting wet. From this point near your pool or hot tub the pHin mobile app will scan for your monitor using Bluetooth. The mobile app will also scan for any nearby pHin bridges.

Once you have performed both scans, all of the collected data is sent to the pHin servers so that we can determine if there are any issues. Our customer support agents are also able to view the settings of any discovered pHin devices so they can better assist you.