Turning Off Chemical Shipment Notifications

Chemical shipment notifications are part of a new feature that was added in early 2020.  The feature, Editable Shipments, allows chemical subscribers to be in control of every shipment and it's contents.  By default, the service is set to "Automatic Shipments."

If you choose to continue with "Automatic Shipments," we will automatically generate the contents for you based upon your inventory and then give you 3 days to modify items before they are automatically sent.  Note: If you forget to review a shipment, it will still be sent out 3 days after it's notification.

If you would prefer to have more control of your shipments, please change this setting to "Manual Shipments."  If you have this selected,  you must review every shipment and tap the "Ship Now" button on each shipment.  This will eliminate the increased amount of shipment notifications.

To switch to "Manual Shipments," follow these steps:

    1. Go to your vessels main page and tap on "CHEMICALS."
    3. 2.  Tap on "Change setting."
    5. 3.  Make sure "Manually" is selected under the "SHIPMENT APPROVAL" section on top.

If after awhile you decide that you prefer to have "Automatic Shipments" again, just go back to these settings and make sure that "Automatic" is selected.