Using Another App to Check Device Bluetooth

If the pHin Android App is having trouble using Bluetooth on your Android device, start with this article: Troubleshooting Android Bluetooth Connection Issues

You can use the pHin Mobile App’s to check if your issue has been resolved, or you can download the Nordic nRF Connect for Mobile application. This application was developed by the same company that make the Bluetooth radio inside your pHin Monitor. It might appear to be a little technical, but it will scan for and list any nearby Bluetooth devices discoverable by your Android device.

Bluetooth Verification Steps

  1. Install the nRF Connect for Mobile application to your device
  2. Select “Scan”
  3. Wait up to 30 seconds for pHin devices to show up in the list
  4. If none show up, Cap Swipe your pHin Monitor and wait another 30 seconds


You may see other Bluetooth devices in the list as well as your pHin devices. pHin devices will appear as follows, where **** is a series of unique letters and numbers

pHin****your phin Monitor
phbr****your pHin Bridge
DfuTargyour pHin Monitor in Setup Mode

Do you see devices in the list?

The appearance of bluetooth devices in this list indicates that at least the scanning function of your Bluetooth radio is working. If you still have trouble using pHin after completing all troubleshooting steps, a screenshot of this list would be helpful for Customer Care.

No devices in the list?

If no devices appear in this list, It is likely that your Bluetooth issues still persist. Continue with additional troubleshooting steps from this article. If you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps and the problem persists, you may have a hardware problem with your Android device or pHin hardware. A screenshot of this empty device list would be helpful for Customer Care.