What do the different disc colors in the mobile app mean?

If the pool is balanced, it means that the water chemistry is balanced and in good condition. The circular vessel disc in your app will be blue when your water is balanced.

If pHin detects that your water chemistry or temperature have moved out of the balanced range, the color of your disc will change to either orange or red, depending upon how far away from target you are. A change in vessel color will be accompanied by an action or actions which will help you bring the water back to balance.

When chems are added, the monitor will show "currently monitoring" for 19 hours and a timer will count down during that period. During this time out period, pHin is still measuring the water chemistry, but for 19 hours, we will not ask you to add more of that same chemical. This is specifically to ensure safety. So we don't overshoot the target, we give the pool plenty of time to incorporate the chemicals and settle on the amount of adjustment.

During the timeout period, you can always see the actual pH and ORP readings by looking at your charts. This will tell you whether the pool is in the red, orange or blue. It is safe to swim in the water anytime the chart lines are in blue or orange.