What types of sanitizer protocols does pHin support?

Supported Sanitizers

pHin supports Chlorine, Bromine and Salt-Water sanitizers.

The pHin Monitor measures the sanitation level of Chlorine and Bromine water with an electronic sensor. This sensor measures the activity as these chemicals break down organic material.

pHin supports salt-water as well because your salt-water generator is producing low levels of Chlorine or Bromine, which the pHin sensor can monitor.


Unsupported Sanitizers

Biguanide sanitizer is not supported by pHin. Biguanide traps microorganisms and then destroys them through a different process. This process cannot be measured by an electronic sensor. To use pHin, you will first need to convert your Biguanide water to Chlorine or Bromine.

Any sanitizer other than Chlorine, Bromine or Salt-Water cannot be monitored by pHin.