Top 7 Summertime Backyard Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This year, you want to get her something a bit more original than flowers and chocolate, a gift that is more personal (and useful). Then you remember: All winter, she talked about wanting to spend more time in and around the pool this season, maybe entertain more often. What kind of gift gets her out of the house and enjoying her backyard? Read on to discover seven great gift ideas, none of which will break the bank.

7. Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Music kicks any party up a notch, and it can even make solo swims more pleasant. Of course, everyone knows that water and electronics do not mix, so you are stuck placing speakers far from the action. If the folks in the pool want to hear your summertime jams, you have to turn the volume to 11. Enter the new generation of waterproof floating Bluetooth speakers. You can drop these babies right into the water without damaging them, or just set them on the deck. They look great, sound great, and boast an impressive battery life (some up to 40 hours). Of course, they are not limited to the pool; they are good for waterside playtime at the hot tub, lake, seaside, even in the bathtub.

6. Cooler Tables

A cooler full of beer, sodas, and bottled water is a given during a backyard party. Unfortunately, a giant red cooler does not go very well with your décor. Enter the cooler table, a rattan-style cocktail table. With the top down, it is just your everyday end table. Pull up the top and fill it with ice and your favorite beverages and it becomes the coolest cooler on the block, in more ways than one. The best part? It still works as a table!

5. Floating Beverage Caddy

The floating beverage caddy makes sure your drink stays cold, even in the water. The attractive canvas exterior resists stains, fading, and mold. Buoyant foam beads fill the interior and support four glasses, plus a pitcher, of your favorite drink. No more tracking pool water into the house for refills (although, if you want a designated pool boy, we won’t judge).

4. FitFlops

Wet surfaces such as tile and concrete (even grass) can lead to slip and fall accidents. Your standard Dollar Store flip-flops do not do much to help, either. Enter FitFlops. The heavy rubber sole grips the ground to guard against slipping, and the upper sole construction keeps Mom’s foot from sliding around in the shoe. They also look great and are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Mom will love them, whether she spends her day walking around the pool deck handing out drinks or playing with her grandkids in the backyard sprinklers.

3. Fire Pit

When the sun goes down, it is time to break out the marshmallows and light the fire pit. Pits come in such a wide variety of styles that there is something to match any décor: round, cube, chiminea, tabletop, and in-ground, the choices are endless. In early and late summer, when nights are cooler, they keep the party going. Any time of year, though, a fire pit adds ambiance and atmosphere to your gathering. Is the heat too much? Fill it with tea lights instead.

2.Greenes Cedar Grow Box

To help add a touch of green to Mom’s backyard, consider gifting the Greenes Cedar Grow Box. Available in a variety of size configurations, this raised planting bed fits just about any space. The cedar frame resists both insects and rot, and it is a cinch to assemble. It does not come with soil, seeds, or plants, however. If you want Mom to have the whole package, you will need to supply those items separately.

1. pHin

Of course, the number one gift to ensure Mom enjoys the backyard and pool all summer long is a pHin subscription. Let her swim with confidence, knowing the pool’s water is perfectly balanced and safe for everyone. pHin monitors the water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When she needs to add chemicals, it will notify her via Smartphone and ship a premeasured dose in color-coded pods. When the pods arrive, she can just drop them into the water. What’s more, if she is the type of Mom who prefers to leave things in the hands of professionals, a pool expert is available at the touch of a button. Pool maintenance has never been so simple. Actually, this is the ideal gift for anyone, even you!


Well, there you have it, seven great Mother’s Day gift ideas, guaranteed to get Mom out of the house. Choose one, choose two, or share the list with Dad and your siblings to make sure Mom gets them all! Of course, you could just keep these great ideas to yourself for Christmas or Mom’s birthday so no one steals your gift-giving thunder. Happy Mother’s Day!