Hot Tub or Swim Spa, What’s the Difference?

Are you looking to upgrade your backyard for entertaining and relaxing this winter? A hot tub or swim spa might be the perfect addition to your home!

Many homeowners assume hot tubs and swim spas are similar, but there are different benefits to each system. The pHin experts share factors to consider before deciding between a hot tub or a swim spa for your backyard oasis.

  1. Purpose for Purchase

Are you looking for a new place to relax or a space to entertain and exercise? Hot tubs are designed with seating and jet placement for optimal relaxation and recovery. Whether you’re feeling stressed or you’re looking for muscle relief after a tough workout, hot tubs are a great place for practicing hydrotherapy. Soaking in warm hot tub water helps loosen tense muscles and stimulates blood supply to various organs in the body.

Swim spas, on the other hand, are more spacious and are a better fit for people who are looking for a place to exercise with more space to move around, you can even swim in a swim spa.  Exercising in swim spa water has many benefits. The resistance from the water will result in more calories burned and aquatic exercises are low impact taking pressure off joints which is ideal for users recovering from an injury or are concerned about potential injury risk. Swim spas are larger than hot tubs making them a good spot for hosting a larger group of friends or family.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Before you make a purchase, start planning the new home for your hot tub or swim spa. The space available inside or in your backyard can determine which system is the best for your home. Are you looking to put the system in the yard or on your deck? Hot tubs are more compact, they can fit on a deck or in a small yard, whereas swim spas are longer and require a larger area. For reference, most swim spas are around 180 inches long and 90 inches wide whereas the average size of a hot tub is about 84 inches long and 84 inches wide. You may also want to consider placement in terms of trees, to allocate enough space with the least amount of possible debris getting into the water.

  1. Maintenance

Because they’re larger, swim spa maintenance is generally more complex than hot tub maintenance. Measuring, chemicals, and dosing can be a challenge but pHin is here to help! The pHin Smart Water Monitor floats in your hot tub or swim spa, measuring the water over 1,000 times per week If the water gets out of balance, pHin will notify you in the app and give you instructions to correct it. You could also ask pHin (or Alexa) for the temperature of your hot tub or swim spa water before heading out for a dip. Whether you’re maintaining hot tub or swim spa water, it can be frustrating when you go out for a post-workout soak or you’re prepping for a night with friends and the water isn’t at the right temperature. This pHin user shares how pHin helped him get his hot tub relaxation ready.

  1. Budget

Once you have a set budget, consider the size of the vessel. Swim spas tend to be more expensive than hot tubs because they are generally larger in size with more features including swim current and high-powered jetting systems. Or, a basic hot tub might suit your needs, and can be more economical.

Before you purchase a new hot tub or swim spa, consider which system is the best solution for your family. Swim spas may suit a family who is looking for a place to get active, go for a swim, and entertain groups of family and friends and hot tubs are a good solution for those who want a place to relax and loosen muscle tension. Make the most of your swim spa or hot tub with the help of pHin.

Did you know? 12 Fast Facts About pHin

Whether you’re a long-time pHin user or testing the water for our smart pool care, learn these 12 fun facts and technical details you might not know about pHin:

  1. Born in 2015: A pool owner was tired of testing his water and calculating chemical dosing, so he created pHin to remove the guesswork to getting safe water. After building a team and developing the product, pHin launched in 2015.
  2. Works with over 200 chemicals: Pool owners can choose which chemicals they’d like to use with pHin from a large database – and they can request additions if their brand isn’t included already.
  3. pHin measures the water more than anyone: Most homeowners check their pool or hot tub water weekly. pHin blows their tests out of the water, by measuring the water up to 1,000 times per week.
  4. 1 billion samples: Over the years, pHin has collected and analyzed over 1 billion water samples in thousands of pools, hot tubs, and swim spas across the country.
  5. Algorithms makes measuring smarter: pHin does more than check the parts per million (ppm) of chemicals in the water, it analyzes the effectiveness of the sanitizer, whether chlorine, bromine, or salt, to provide intelligent dosing instructions. Learn more about “Kill Power” here.
  6. pHin is friendly with any pool: pHin isn’t only for pools, it can monitor and help you balance a hot tub or swim spa, too!
  7. Amazon Alexa talks to pHin: Now you can check on your water balance without even opening the app. Ask Alexa if your pool water is safe or for the temperature of your hot tub before jumping in. Learn more here.
  8. pHin doesn’t like the cold, but has a “Winter” mode: pHin can’t stay outside in the cold weather, but it has a special winter setting so pHin can hibernate for the winter and come out for the next pool opening.
  9. You can travel with pHin: Worried about the water quality of pools and hot tubs at rental homes and Airbnbs? Take your pHin on the road to check that the balance is safe before taking a dip.
  10. pHin can help your pool tech: Your pool technician can be connected to your pHin so they can check in on your water balance remotely and schedule service as needed.
  11. Data from pHin could save your pool: Monitoring your water does more than keep it in balance, the start of an imbalance could indicate that a piece of equipment is on the fritz or about to break. John Sciacca wrote about his experience in Residential Systems.
  12. Unlimited help from pHin: The smart monitor has a battery that can last up to two years, but if it runs out you can get a free replacement any time if you have the monitoring subscription.

Learn anything new? If you’re ready to add smart technology to your water care routine, click here.

Prep Your Pool for Winter Hibernation

Homeowners in Northern, cooler states are expecting temperatures to drop over the next few weeks. When the first autumn leaves fall, it’s time to start closing your pool for the season – A general rule of thumb is to wait until outdoor temperatures start to steadily fall below 65 degrees. To avoid damage or other issues next pool season, follow these steps and precautions:

  1. Clean the Pool

Before it can be closed, you’ll want to get your pool as clean as possible. Using a vacuum or skimmer, make sure there are no leaves or other debris floating in the water. The pool walls and stairs should be scrubbed with a brush to break up any algae build up. You’ll want to get your pool as clean as possible before it’s closed for the season.

  1. Lower the Water Level

As you’re getting your pool ready for the off season, drain water to avoid problems with ground water and temperature levels if/when they drop below freezing. How much water should you drain? That depends on the climate of the area you live in. If temperatures are generally cold in the winter, you’ll want to drain the water 4 to 6 inches below the tile line to avoid any potential issues with freezing water.

  1. Check and Clean Filters

Even through the winter, check on your filters regularly to make sure they are running properly and keeping the water clean and safe. Pool filters help remove debris from the water but can’t do their job properly if they aren’t cleaned regularly. You’ll be thankful later – this step will help to preserve the lifespan of the filter system and keep your pool clean during the off season for an easier opening in the spring.

  1. Adjust Chemical Levels

Before you close your pool for the winter, test the water’s chemistry levels and get it balanced. Closing your pool with unbalanced levels will make it difficult to open it up the next season. For help checking and correcting the balance, you can turn to pHin. The pHin Smart Water monitor will help you understand if your pool is balanced with color coded discs. pHin’s simplified chemical dosing instructions will help you understand how much of each chemical needs to be added to get the water balanced.

  1. Set to Winterize

pHin has a special setting for winter: Pool owners can get their monitor and pool ready for hibernation by tapping on the “subscription” icon on the app homepage and click “winterize pool.” Then they can remove pHin from the pool and store it in a safe spot until next season.

The Buddy System! Why Every Hot Tub Needs a pHin

Hot tubs make a great addition to a home or backyard, whether for warming up on a cool winter night or taking a soak after a tough workout. Among the benefits of owning your own at-home spa, a hot tub can be challenging to maintain. Hot tub rash is real, and chemicals need to be added in exact doses for balanced water. Not to mention, worrying about whether or not the water is safe and balanced can take the relaxation out of your daily soak.

Maximize your hot tub relaxation time with the smart water monitor that can remove your worry about hot tub water! Every hot tub needs a pHin Smart Water Monitor to get the most benefits, here’s why:

Real-Time Temperature Status

There’s nothing worse than having your hot tub soak delayed because the water’s too cold. With pHin, you can simply check the app or ask Alexa about the temperature of your water, so you can see if the heater needs a boost before you go in.

Avoid Hot Tub Rash

Hot tub rash can be caused by poorly maintained water, according to the CDC. Keeping the water in balance is important to avoiding it and it can be hard to know which contaminants are causing the issue. pHin measures the water over 1,000 times per week and will notify you immediately if the water isn’t balanced, with a color-coded guide. A blue disc indicates your water is safe, balanced and ready to use.  An orange disc means your water is still safe to enter but needs some attention while a red disc appears when you should avoid the unsafe water.

Chemistry Support

Chemistry can be confusing, and hot tub owners need to pay close attention to their water to keep it safe. Understanding chemical dosing is a challenge. pHin uses built-in analytics to calculate dosing instructions, so users can simply follow the instructions in the app to balance their water.

With balanced water, hot tubs are great for relaxing, soothing sore muscles, and warming you up in cool weather.

3 Ways pHin Removes the Guesswork Out of Water Care

Keeping pool water balanced all season can be stressful. But for many pool owners, measuring and adding chemicals is a lot of guesswork. Converting the ppm of chlorine in the water to how much chlorine to add can be a challenge, even for veteran pool owners.

Instead of making the wrong measurement that can leave your pool water over chlorinated or cloudy, technology can remove the guesswork.

pHin is a powerful new product that has built-in analytics that make water care easy for any pool or hot tub owner. The device floats in the pool and measures the water over 1,000 times per week, using the information to make pool water care easy for anyone. Here’s how:

Easy-to-Read Status

How do you know if your water is safe before you jump in? With the pHin app, pool and hot tub owners can easily see whether their water is safe, needs action, or is unsafe. A color-coded disc on the home screen provides at-a-glance status:

If the water is out of balance, a red disc will alert users indicating that the water is unsafe and requires action. When water is balanced and safe, a blue disc will indicate that the water is ready to go.

Alerts and Instructions

pHin is also proactive, it sends alerts in the app or via email when the water is out of balance or needs action, like adding shock or chemicals.

Instead of guessing how to fix the water, users get step-by-step instructions about which chemicals to add and how much of each chemical is needed to bring the water back to a safe level. pHin’s app also features detailed graphs of the pool’s chemistry levels in the past giving pool owners easy access to their pool’s chemical history.

Chemical Database

pHin works with leading chemical brands to provide customized chemical dosing instructions based on the brand of your choice. Users can simply scan any supported chemical’s barcode and pHin will calculate exactly how much of the chemical you need to add to the water. pHin recently doubled the number of scannable chemicals, you can see the full list of scannable chemicals here.

pHin takes the guesswork out of adding chemicals to your pool with easy-to-read alerts, action notifications and instructions, and customized chemical dosing instructions. pHin handles the pool chemistry guesswork so you can simply add the necessary chemicals and enjoy!

Celebrating 5 Years! The History of pHin

Spring is a time to celebrate: flowers begin blooming, temperatures rise, and pools across the country are opening for the season. The pHin team has extra reason to celebrate – May is also pHin’s birthday! 

This year, we celebrate five years since pHin launched, and we took a look back through pHin’s milestones:

2014 – The Concept of pHin

Our co-founder Justin Miller cared for his pool, and wanted to make sure the water was safe for his family. He wanted to just have fun with his pool, but chemicals and testing were a stressor and a burden. He started building pHin to take the guesswork out of pool water care, so he could spend more time enjoying his pool, knowing the water is safe.

He incorporated Pool Tech Systems Inc and started building pHin.

May 2015pHin’s First Pre-Order

The first pHin model was available for pre-order in May 2015.

Its groundbreaking technology was instantly recognized with an IMPACT Award, IoT Evolution Award, PSP Expo Award, IDTechEx Award, and more. 

June 2015 – pHin Press Launch

pHin was announced to the world in June 2015, with press coverage in TechCrunch, This Oblong Device Will Tell You If Your Pool Is Ready for Swimming, who said: “All you have to do is plop pHin into the water and add a few water-soluble packets that come with the device, according to your pools needs.”

Spring 2017 – pHin Available in Stores

pHin started shipping and was made commercially available.

April 2018 – pHin Acquired by Hayward Industries

The popularity of pHin caught the eye of Hayward Industries, and the company acquired Connected Yard, the makers of pHin. Joining forces with the leading global manufacturer and marketer of residential and commercial pool equipment.

May 2019 – pHin Available on Amazon

Demand for pHin grew as pool, swim spa, and hot tub owners around the country sought the device to simplify their water care routine. pHin was made available for online ordering on Amazon.

April 2020 – pHin Next-Generation Upgrade

New features and enhancements were released to improve the pHin experience, including a refreshed app and an expanded list of supported chemicals.

How long have you been using pHin? We’d love to hear from our users, whether you’re new or have been with us from the beginning. Enjoy the swim season ahead!

As Pool Season Kicks Off, Next Generation pHin Monitor Makes Water Care Easy

With a refreshed app experience, pHin uses smart technology to make pool and hot tub water care a breeze with robust analytics and enhanced pool chemical compatibility.

pHinTM, by Hayward Industries introduces the next generation pHin smart water monitor. Featuring software upgrades that enhance built-in analytics and augment pHin’s proprietary algorithm for water care as well as an updated user interface and monitoring subscription free for the first year, the smart monitor now works with an expanded list of compatible chemical brands for the 2020 season.

The pHin Smart Monitor removes the guesswork from pool and hot tub water care for chlorine, bromine, or saltwater systems. The next generation model now offers an enhanced and streamlined experience. Missteps in water care can present cloudy water, sub-optimal conditions, or health risks like recreational water illnesses that detract from the joy and benefits of pool and spa ownership.

Engineered to float in the water 24/7 throughout the pool season, whether in the summer or year-round, pHin measures pH, sanitizer, and temperature levels over 1,000 times per week. Robust on-board analytics and a proprietary algorithm acclimate pHin to its water environment and leverage data continuously taken in the water to improve chemical dosing instructions over time. With the monitoring subscription, users can view historical charts of their water conditions and share data with their pool technician or retail store.

The pHin app user interface has been refreshed, and provides easy-to-read, color-coded guides regarding water status. Through the app, pHin users receive alerts directly on their smartphone about their water quality and temperature, with actionable chemical dosing instructions. The next generation pHin model features a growing list of compatible chemicals for chlorine, saltwater, or bromine pools and hot tubs. Users can scan or select the chemical brand of their choice from the supported chemical database of over 60 brands, including poolife®, Applied Biochemists®, BioGuard, E-Z CLOR®, Pool Breeze®, SHOCK-IT®, and more; the full list is available here.

“The height of the swim season is here, and families need to know that their water is safe for everything from a morning swim, to relaxation, and fun and games,” said pHin Co-Founder Justin Miller. “We designed pHin to take the guesswork out of maintenance, and we’ve continued to evolve the pHin experience to reduce the time spent on pool and hot tub care. With increased reliability and more compatible chemicals, pHin’s algorithm and intelligence is the easiest way to maintain safe swimming water this year.”

Enhancements to pHin also include connection to local retailers, where users can select their local pool store of choice and add chemicals to their shopping cart right from the app for easy pickup.

pHin is $349 U.S. MSRP, and available for order on Amazon and, as well as at local retailers.

To learn more about pHin visit

Stuck at home? Stay Fit and Sane with your Pool or Hot Tub

Communities are encouraging everyone to stay at home amid coronavirus concerns. While families are staying in, their pool or hot tub can help maintain sanity and offer fitness benefits as well.

The CDC has advised that “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs.” If school, work, and the gym are closed, a pool or hot tub can help families stay fit and have fun as long as the water is properly cared for. Here are some ideas from the pHin team:

#1: Schedule Workouts

Don’t let the shutdown stop your workout routine – make your pool your home gym! Set a schedule for swimming; it’s a low-impact, full-body workout that improves muscle tone, cardiovascular health, and overall energy. You could also try water aerobics if laps aren’t your thing.

#2: Hot Tub Therapy

Whether you’re stressed or need some muscle relief from the tension of sitting at a home office all day, a hot tub can help. Astudy from Healthline showed that warm water can help reduce the hormones related to stress. When you’re soaking in a hot tub, leave your phone behind and focus on the warm water and massaging jets. Read more benefits of a hot tub here.

#3: Fun and Games

If you’re staying home with your family, keep them entertained with pool games. Country Living recommends inflatable Tic-Tac-Toe, Number Basketball, and pool noodle races. If you have a hot tub, try water cards, or water battleship. In water battleship, you’ll need two cups: Take turns pouring water into the empty cup. Take five-second intervals in between each player – the person who sinks the cup loses.

Stressed about keeping your water healthy? pHin is here to help. Don’t worry about balancing the right chemicals to keep your family safe. pHin floats in the water constantly and will tell you at a moment’s notice when you need to adjust your water balance. It works with most chemicals for pools and hot tubs, and will give you easy, exact instructions to make your water safe for games and exercise. Learn the three steps to using pHin.

Learn more about pHin here.

6 Tips for Conserving Pool Water

On World Water Day, think ahead for summer savings.

World Water Day is on March 22 each year, right on the brink of the swimming season! Each year, it offers time to think about conserving water. Pool owners can take steps to conserve water to help the environment while at the same time, benefiting from saving money on water and electric bills.

The pHin experts share tips for saving water this pool season:

1.       Cover Your Pool

Most pool owners cover their pools during the off season, but a pool cover can be handy for conserving water during peak pool season. Covering your pool when it’s not in use will prevent evaporation that decreases water levels and requires more frequent pool refills. It will also conserve pool heat, reduce algae growth, and keep debris out of the pool.

2.       Check for Leaks

Regular leak checks on your pool will help you find issues that could cause water levels to get too low. When looking for leaks, keep an eye out for damp spots around the pool, cracks in the pool’s concrete, leaking pipes or valves, and saturated grass or soil. Staying on top of leak checks helps you stay aware of your pool status while stopping water drainage before it gets out of hand.  

3.       Heat Your Pool? Lower the Temperature

While it’s nice to dive into a heated pool (especially early in the season or in the fall), high water temperature can make pool water evaporate at a faster rate. If you use a pool heater, consider lowering the temperature when you’re not planning to use the pool or when outdoor temperatures are expected to rise — just turn it back up when you’re ready to jump in. Using the heater less will also reduce your overall electric bill!

4.       Block the Wind

A fence and pool-side landscaping are important for safety and privacy and can enhance the ambiance of your backyard. These features can also help reduce the risk of water loss — Fences and landscaping elements act as a barrier between the wind and the pool to keep water from evaporating.

5.       Only Drain When Necessary

Cleaning your pool regularly and maintaining proper water levels during the off season will reduce the amount of times you need to drain the pool. Your pool should only get fully drained once every few years. Rather than starting from scratch with an empty pool at the start of each season, regularly maintain your pool and the area. To drain your pool as little as possible, make sure you don’t overfill your pool. By keeping the water levels consistent, you won’t have to worry about water draining from splashing.

6.       Keep Your Water Balanced

Keeping your water healthy can also conserve your water. Proper maintenance yields less equipment damage and fewer pool repairs. Use a smart monitor like pHin to keep your water balance on track. It can help you with your pool conservation goals by alerting you the second your water needs attention or temperatures get too high and provides chemical dosing instructions.

Gear up for World Water Day and start conserving water now with pHin!

3 Ways Smart Technology Makes Water Balance Easy

A pool or hot tub can be an oasis – if the water is clear and safe. A perfect morning can start with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, enjoyed poolside in the sunshine. Summer evenings are best spent with friends and a cocktail, supported by pool noodles or fun floaties, even with a cupholder. An afternoon swim can reduce tension, or a nightly soak in the hot tub can melt a stressful day away.

But if the water balance is off, hot tubs and pools can quickly become dangerous for swimming and relaxing.

Most pool and hot tub owners aren’t water experts. Balancing pH, sanitizer, and managing chemical doses often requires professional expertise to ensure safe water. But new intelligence and algorithms are making the water balance equation simple for any family, for peace of mind, alerts, and helpful tips whether they manage their own water or rely on a professional.

The pHin Smart Monitor floats in the water, and automatically measures the pH, sanitizer, and temperature up to 1,000 times per week. The device is made smart with built-in analytics, that it simplifies to make water balance understandable and more manageable.

Here are 3 ways pHin transforms your pool and hot tub water care routine:

1.            Real-Time Alerts: Since pHin monitors your water 24/7, you can expect to receive an alert about your water balance the second it needs attention on the smartphone app or via email. You can also use the app to check in on your water temperature before you jump in.

2.            Color-Coded Guide: Tables and charts can be hard to understand. pHin simplifies water balance with a color-coded system: Blue for safe water, Orange means you need to check the water, and Red means the water isn’t safe.

3.            A Chemist in Your Pocket: Instead of having to calculate how much chemicals you need to add, pHin syncs up with the size of your pool or hot tub and the chemical brand you prefer, and gives you simple, easy dosing instructions.

pHin provides simplicity and peace-of-mind for pool care. Whether you manage your own water or work with a professional, the alerts keep you informed about your water balance, so you always know when it’s safe for swimming, relaxing, and fun. And, if you have a pool technician – they can use pHin too to check on your water from anywhere – the information helps them prepare and intervene sooner when the water needs attention.

pHin is compatible with chlorine, saltwater, and bromine water systems.

Start a new water care routine for more balanced days. Learn more about pHin here.

5 Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy

When it comes to enjoying your hot tub − there are no rules. The warm water is a great place to de-stress and relax, and having your own hot tub can unlock more fun and wellness.

The pHin experts share 5 benefits to taking a dip in your hot tub:

1. Reduced Stress

A study from Healthline showed that warm water can help reduce the hormones related to stress. When you’re soaking in a hot tub, leave your phone behind and focus on the warm water and massaging jets. The hot tub can be a place to escape – try putting on a relaxing playlist and unplugging in the evening or on the weekend. 

2. Muscle Relief

If you have sore muscles from a new workout, or just the daily grind, the hot tub can be your own physical therapist. The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight, relieving the pressure on your muscles. Sitting in front of the jets can stimulate your skin and muscle tissue, massaging away knots and aches. Not to mention, sitting in a hot tub increases the circulation of blood flow, helping to fuel your muscle tissue, all bringing you greater comfort and pain relief.

3. Lessened Joint Pain

Soaking in a hot tub has been known to help those with arthritis – The Arthritis Foundation reports that patients with arthritis who participated in warm water exercise programs two or three times a week had as much as 40 percent less pain. The natural buoyancy keeps pressure off your joints, and the warmth of the tub can be a great way to increase flexibility which has been known to relieve the symptoms of joint pain.

4. A Solution to Insomnia

If you have trouble falling asleep, a hot tub can help combat insomnia. Taking a dip in the evening before bed can put you into a state of relaxation and help to put both your mind and body at ease. A study from New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center notes that when you soak in a hot tub your temperature rises, and once you exit the water your core body temperature drops, signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep.

5. Improved Heart Health

According to a study from Harvard Health Publishing, relaxing in a hot tub increases your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. A quick soak can be beneficial in improving overall health muscle efficiency – the heat helps to widen blood vessels, helping to send nutrient-rich blood throughout your body.  Always consult your doctor about what’s best for your health. If the hot tub isn’t right for you, maybe a swimming pool would be the right option.

To take advantage of the benefits of having your own how tub, you have to know that your water is safe and balanced. Technology can help you get the measurements and chemicals right, and check the water temperature to make sure it’s ready to go before you hop in. pHin is the smart water monitor that simplifies hot tub care – it constantly monitors your water and sends alerts about the temperature, water balance, and chemical instructions. Learn more at

Tips for Planning a Poolside Valentine’s Day

Pools and hot tubs can be a great venue for holidays, parties, and gatherings. This week is Valentine’s Day, and the pHin team brainstormed some ideas to make your pool, swim spa, or hot tub extra special for your loved ones:

  • Candles

The right lighting can add a romantic ambiance to the space, whether you place candles around the hot tub’s edge or light up a fire pit by the pool. If you don’t want to worry about matches and lit candles, you can try flickering lights or rope lights for extra sparkle.

  • Decorations

A few themed decorations can brighten up the space – try heart-shaped floaties or even floating flowers in the pool. Make sure that whatever you’re adding to the pool or hot tub is safe and approved to be in the water; be careful of adding decorations with a scent, sparkles, or pieces that can come loose in the water.

  • Pink Drinks and Festive Snacks

When you’re done swimming, grab a pink towel and take a break with a snack or a cocktail! You can set up a space by the pool or inside with Champagne, a red cocktail, or rosé. If it’s a kid’s party, you can also set up a space with fun snacks like heart-shaped cookies, chocolate-dipped pretzels with pink sprinkles, or red Jell-O! We love this list of snack ideas.

  • Mood Music

The last step is setting up mood music to play for your party or romantic evening. We can help! Check out the pHin YouTube channel for playlist inspiration.

Don’t forget to make sure that your pool or hot tub water gets some love too! Once you’ve set your music, decorations, drinks, and more for your Valentine’s Day celebration, remember to check your filters, water level, and water balance to make sure it’s safe for swimming. With pHin and the app – it’ll be the easiest step of your pool prep. Learn more here!

Wishing our pHin friends a happy Valentine’s Day filled with family, friends, and happy moments – hopefully pool-side!