Rookie Pool Owner Solves the Water Care Equation with pHin

With pHin, a Texas family went from having green to crystal-clear pool water with less than half the work.

Experienced pool and hot tub owners know that it’s easy for water to get off balance. Whether from a heavy rainfall or a missed dose of shock, keeping a pool safe for swimming is an important chore. But new, inexperienced pool owners can mistakenly end up with green water if they’re relying only on complicated test strips and charts.

Aaron Richardson quickly learned the challenges of pool water care when he rented a Texas home with a 13,000 gallon pool. The owner provided basic pool care instructions: Throw two tablets in the skimmer and check the water quality weekly with color test strips. After following the original instructions to the letter, Aaron’s pool water quickly turned green. “I can read tables and do math, but the traditional pool care process is overcomplicated,” said Aaron.

Texas summers are hot. Not only was Aaron’s family unable to cool down with a swim, but he also had to scrub the pool each day in 103 degree heat. “We looked at getting a pool service, but it was expensive at about $1,200,” said Aaron. His family also needed a less  time-consuming alternative that would help them keep the water safe for swimming. Seeking a cost-effective solution, Aaron found the pHin Smart Monitor while searching online. The $350 device is Wi-Fi connected and designed to float in the pool — taking over 1,000 measurements a week. Paired with the subscription service, pHin measures sanitizer, temperature, and pH levels in the pool water, sending results and dosage instructions to the user on the pHin smartphone app.

“When we started with pHin, it told us everything we needed to do, including shocking,” commented Aaron. Instead of relying on traditional test strips and complicated charts, Aaron used the exact chemical doses from pHin. Once starting with the instructions, he was able to quickly balance the pool water. “After the first few dosing instructions, I went from scrubbing the pool every day to between ten days to two weeks.”

pHin helped make the difference whether it was pool chores or pool parties. At the end of the summer, Aaron’s family planned a Labor Day pool party for their family and friends. To prepare, a simple check on the pHin app showed that the water quality was “in the blue” — perfect for swimming. The pHin Smart Monitor also made it easy for Aaron to check the water balance after the party, simply adding the prescribed chemicals as needed. Instead of spending time with test strips and complicated charts, pHin makes dosage easy and manageable in Aaron’s day-to-day life, “I can even toss shock in while I’m walking out to my car,” he said.


Since using pHin for pool care, Aaron can relax and enjoy a swim after work instead of scrubbing the pool. “I’m a new pool user, and it couldn’t be easier to use pHin,” he said. “After pHin, I had a crystal clear pool with much less effort.”

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