How to Make Pool Time the First Step to #SelfCare

#Selfcare has been trending lately as we focus on improving our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The self-care revolution is a positive force, but it can be challenging to make these changes in our day-to-day lives.

Pool, hot tub, and spa owners have a leg-up on setting a wellness routine with hydrotherapy, swimming, and time outdoors. The pHin team put together a few ways to get started:

1. Shut off the notifications and pick up a book

Alone time can be the start of self-care – and spending time by the pool or hot tub with a good book or relaxing music is a great way to escape the daily hustle. Set aside time each week to leave your phone behind and pick up a good read – especially if you don’t have a waterproof phone! Set a playlist for 30-minutes to an hour and leave your phone out of reach.

2. Connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors

An article from Mental Floss points out that spending time outside can improve memory, fight depression, and lower blood pressure. Breathing in fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature can help relieve stress and improve your focus. Head out to the pool for extra sun and some Vitamin D when winter is over – invite friends for a swim, hang out on a floatie, or enjoy the jets in your swim spa.

3. Hydrotherapy and exercise

Exercise is a major part of physical and mental well-being – Medline Plus notes that regular physical activity can improve your mood, increase your chances of living longer, and help control your weight. Pools and spas are a great place to exercise, providing resistance and buoyancy that is effective without being high-impact. Squats, shoulder rolls, water aerobics, and more can be the start to your physical fitness in the pool; a hot tub can also be a great place to unwind after a difficult workout.

4. Family wellness

A self-care routine can also be shared with the entire family. Spending time together in the pool relaxing, playing games, or working out can help you connect, have fun, and achieve better wellness together.

Tip: Use technology for peace-of-mind that your water is safe for self-care time

To maximize the benefits of self-care from your pool or hot tub, technology can help provide peace of mind that your water is always safe for swimming. With pHin, you can check the water temperature before you dive in using the app, and it’ll also tell you ahead of time if your water is out of balance or needs chemical adjustments. Knowing your water is balanced can help make whatever pool or hot tub routine you choose even simpler.

How are you using your pool, spa, or hot tub to achieve your #selfcare goals? Sound off to the pHin team! On Twitter or Facebook.