The 15-Minute Hot Tub Meditation Guide

The 15-Minute Hot Tub Meditation Guide

Meditation is one of the most beneficial, and easy habits that you can develop and it’s positive benefits have been well-documented today. Regular meditation can help improve mental focus, reduce stress and even improve cardiac health. Meditation and other holistic health practices have greatly increased in popularity in recent years and the benefits of these practices is now more widely known by the public.

So you have made the decision to start meditating but you aren’t sure how to begin. Learning to meditate and quiet your mind may seem daunting at first, but with a little practice you can easily learn how to meditate properly and start reaping the benefits that meditation can provide.

Meditation can be done almost anywhere, but meditating in your hot tub makes the process even easier and even more relaxing for you as the warm, soothing waters of the hot tub helps you relax both your body and mind. To begin your journey in meditation, simply follow our step-by-step instructions below of our 15-Minute Hot Tub Meditation Guide below and before you know it you will be an expert at hot tub meditation.

Before You Begin

Before you start your meditation, be sure your hot tub temperature is set to a comfortable level for you and turn off the jets. While you don’t necessarily have to turn off the jets, if you are just beginning you want to be sure your surroundings are as quiet as possible so you have fewer distractions. If you are just starting, instead of trying to meditate for a full 15 minutes, try 11 minutes instead. Use the first minute to get into the proper position and then focus on meditating for 10 minutes. After you get a little practice, you can extend your meditation time to a full 15 minutes.

Assume the Position

If possible, try to sit cross-legged with your spine straight and your head tilted slightly downward. If your hot tub won’t allow you to sit in this position, you can always sit in the standard fashion for your hot tub, just be sure to keep your spine straight. Place your hands on your thighs with your palms up or down. The beauty of sitting in your hot tub while you meditate is that the natural buoyancy of your body will make the position even more comfortable than normal.

Your First Breaths

When you begin, close your eyes so they are only half open and take five very deep and slow breaths. As you exhale, focus on the feeling of your body breathing and relaxing.

Scan Your Body

Once you have completed your first deep breaths, allow your breathing to return to its normal rhythm and begin to shift your focus to your body. Mentally scan each part of your body beginning with your head and moving down until you reach your toes. Be thorough with your scan focusing on each and every body part as specifically as possible. Take time to notice each part and how it feels.

Feel the Hot Tub Around You

After you complete your scan, focus on how it feels to be seating in your hot tub. Focus on the seat and your legs and the warmth of the water as it soothes and relaxes your body.

Focus on Your Breathing

After you complete the scan of your body, refocus attention to your breathing. Count your breaths by starting at one on the inhale and continuing to 2 on the exhale. Continue this until you reach 10 and then begin again. You should try to complete 5 to 10 sets of this breathing exercise. While you practice this exercise, try to maintain your focus without counting your breaths. Don’t worry, at first you will need to count until you become accustomed to these exercises during your meditation.

Don’t Worry About Losing Focus

It can be hard to maintain the level of focus required for meditation in the beginning. Don’t worry if you lose focus while you are learning to meditate. Allow the thoughts to happen and then gently refocus your mind on your breathing.

Apps to Help You

Sometimes, you need a little help when you start meditating. The appHeadspace is available for both Android and iOS and will provide you with the perfect guide if you are just getting started with meditation. However, it isn’t just for beginners. Headspace will help you with your meditation no matter what level you are and makes one of the most perfect companions to anyone looking for meditation aids.

Meditation can provide you with many health benefits, and if you own a hot tub, you already have the perfect location to start your journey in meditation today. Using our easy to follow hot tub meditation guide, you can start to enjoy the benefits meditation brings and live a much healthier life.
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