Tips for Planning a Poolside Valentine’s Day

Tips for Planning a Poolside Valentine’s Day

Pools and hot tubs can be a great venue for holidays, parties, and gatherings. This week is Valentine’s Day, and the pHin team brainstormed some ideas to make your pool, swim spa, or hot tub extra special for your loved ones:

  • Candles

The right lighting can add a romantic ambiance to the space, whether you place candles around the hot tub’s edge or light up a fire pit by the pool. If you don’t want to worry about matches and lit candles, you can try flickering lights or rope lights for extra sparkle.

  • Decorations

A few themed decorations can brighten up the space – try heart-shaped floaties or even floating flowers in the pool. Make sure that whatever you’re adding to the pool or hot tub is safe and approved to be in the water; be careful of adding decorations with a scent, sparkles, or pieces that can come loose in the water.

  • Pink Drinks and Festive Snacks

When you’re done swimming, grab a pink towel and take a break with a snack or a cocktail! You can set up a space by the pool or inside with Champagne, a red cocktail, or rosé. If it’s a kid’s party, you can also set up a space with fun snacks like heart-shaped cookies, chocolate-dipped pretzels with pink sprinkles, or red Jell-O! We love this list of snack ideas.

  • Mood Music

The last step is setting up mood music to play for your party or romantic evening. We can help! Check out the pHin YouTube channel for playlist inspiration.

Don’t forget to make sure that your pool or hot tub water gets some love too! Once you’ve set your music, decorations, drinks, and more for your Valentine’s Day celebration, remember to check your filters, water level, and water balance to make sure it’s safe for swimming. With pHin and the app – it’ll be the easiest step of your pool prep. Learn more here!

Wishing our pHin friends a happy Valentine’s Day filled with family, friends, and happy moments – hopefully pool-side!

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