4 Pool Opening Tips to Take Advantage of

4 Pool Opening Tips to Take Advantage of

With summer season only a few months away, these 4 pool opening tips can make sure you’re prepared for the grand opening. Every pool owner should follow a few basic steps to have a clean and safe pool for a long, summer season.  

Add Stain and Scale Treatment First

Stain and scale treatment can protect pool surfaces - use a nonphosphoric stain and scale to monitor minerals and metals built up in the solution. Stain and scale treatment should be the first chemical you add to the pool, even if you’re in the midst of filling your pool. Allow the treatment to filter for 4 to 8 hours before adding chlorine.

Water Balance

After filling your pool with fresh water you’ll need to balance the chemicals. This includes the pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. Typically, the chemical levels are not balanced, so you’ll need to adjust accordingly. However, by using pHin it monitors chemicals for you and notifies you when chemicals are imbalanced. This makes it easy to keep your pool water and chemicals at a constant balance.

Add Algaecide

Adding pool algaecide can control and prevent the growth of algae to keep your pool water looking fresh and clean. Chlorine levels can vary and if this happens it increases the growth of algae, by adding algaecide you can create a protective barrier.

Add Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets are also essential to continuously chlorinate the water. At first, you may need more tablets to build up an initial residual, however, levels will even out after opening.

All 4 tips are the basis for having healthy, clean, and fresh water for a long, summer season.

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