Top 9 Holiday Gifts for Pool or Hot Tub Owners

Top 9 Holiday Gifts for Pool or Hot Tub Owners

Isn't the point of a swimming pool or hot tub to have a place where you can have fun and relax? A swimming pool is a source of exercise, fun, and relaxation. People love their hot tub as a refuge where they can relax from the stresses of life, the soothing water melting away their aches and pains. People enjoy the company of family and friends that gather in these environments.

A basic pool or hot tub can provide many pleasures alone; adding extras--and making sure you have maintenance necessities--will help make your recreation more enjoyable. Holidays are the perfect time to gift your favorite pool or hot tub owner with a present that they will surely love.

Gifts For Pool Fun

Swimming pools are naturally fun. It's hard for pool loving adults to pass one without wanting to dive in! Children often find pools irresistible as well.

  1. Floating Inflatables or Foam Loungers - These are a popular way to relax and soak up the sun in a pool. There are many styles of inflatables or loungers available. Chairs, mattresses, and chaise lounges are common. Some have armrests and are body contoured for comfort; others have a mesh seat for cooling, and some offer backrest or body support. Most have beverage pockets for a convenient place to keep your drink. They are of a wide variety of colors and usually made of durable vinyl that lasts many seasons.
  1. Squirt Guns For Kids Of All Ages - Kids, a pool, and squirt guns - that's a formula for fun! There's a wide selection of water launchers, bazookas, sprays, and squirt guns readily available. Some come in double-barreled versions and some can shoot water farther than forty-five feet! Most have bright colored ABS plastic and come in many shapes and sizes. A common style is the long tube squirter, or you may find one in the shape of a ray gun or animal. Squirt guns with soft foam grips or handles are easier to use. They usually feature quick refills by lowering an end into the water and drawing a handle back to fill the squirt gun with water. Don't be surprised if parents join in the squirt gun fun, too. Gift your pool owner with a pair of squirt guns and then challenge them to a showdown at the OK Corral.
  1. Classic Pool Toys - Just like squirt guns, every child will want to have pool toys to play with. These kinds of pool toys are endless. The hard part will be choosing which toys to give as gifts to your pool owner. Snorkels, goggles, beach balls, kick boards and more make excellent gifts. 

Gifts For Pool Safety

It is necessary to have rescue items near your pool. Be prepared. If someone is in trouble in your pool it can make the difference. If someone you love has a pool but is missing these items, give them the gift of safety:

  1. A Pole With A Life Hook - A swimmer in trouble can be reached with a pole. There are lightweight fiberglass poles available with a hook that will help capture a swimmer. A common pole length is 16 feet and some are telescoping, which adds to their utility and ability to save space. Look for a pole that is non-conductive, of strong construction, and with a grip that gives control and won't slip.
  1. A Ring Buoy - A U.S. Coast Guard-Approved ring buoy that resists weather deterioration and is made of durable construction and material is a must-have at your pool. Look for one that is not vulnerable to mildew or rot. The ring buoy should be nearby and easily accessible. Having it on a hanger is a good idea. They commonly come in sizes of 20, 24, and 30 inches.
  1. A Ring Buoy Throw Rope - The rope should be made of marine polypro line so that it withstands weather and wear and is strong when you need it. It should be long enough to reach a swimmer in trouble in the pool. Lengths of 50 and 75 feet are common. Some people like to attach a separate and larger ring buoy to a throw rope. This is a good idea that increases rescue capability.

Hot Tub Gifts

Know someone with a hot tub instead of a pool? They shouldn’t be left out on the holiday gifts:

  1. Aromatherapy - Many enjoy using their hot tubs for therapeutic reasons as sore muscles and aches and pains disappear in a hot tub. Aromatherapy adds another therapeutic dimension to hot tubs. It’s an alternative medicine that uses essential oils and plant extracts in massage or in baths to promote health. Aromatherapy has become popular with hot tub owners because it matches so well with their therapeutic advantages. Hot tub aromatherapy often comes in the form of crystals, with many different scents available. Give the gift of aromatherapy and your hot tub owner will definitely enjoy the experience.
  1. Bug Zappers - Your outdoor hot tub will have some uninvited visitors and the flying bugs are the most annoying. Tiki torches with citronella oil or insect spray can help repel these invaders, but some find these methods of bug fighting to be smelly and smokey. Patio bug zappers work well for outdoor hot tub owners. You can find them at your local pool supply, hardware, or home store. They are a strong defense against flying bugs such as mosquitoes and biting flies.
  1. Pillows - Pillows made for use in water will make your hot tub more comfortable. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit you and your hot tub. They come in regular pillow shapes, curved to fit a corner, lounge shapes, or contoured to fit you. There are pillows to sit on or rest your back against. Most have suction cups to keep them in place. Hot tubs usually come with pillows, but over time, they can wear out and look old. Freshen up the hot tub with the gift of new pillows.

Bonus Gift Idea – A pHin System

All pools and hot tubs need regular care and maintenance to keep them sanitary and safe to use. Regular pool and hot tub maintenance takes time and often requires some expertise. Wouldn't it be nice to give your favorite pool or hot tub owner the gift of more time enjoying and less time worrying? Give them the gift of pHin for  simplified pool care.

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