Turn Your Pool Area and Backyard Merry and Bright

Turn Your Pool Area and Backyard Merry and Bright

Don’t let the chill of winter prevent you from enjoying a beautiful backyard or a dip in the pool, if the weather permits. Use our tips to enjoy your pool area year-round.

Bring Warmth and Light to the Outside:

There are many ways to add warmth, for both your ambience and comfort! Adding a fireplace or firepit can provide a beautiful glow and heat to your pool area. It can also be a great way to incorporate campfire cooking to any gathering. Who doesn’t love s'mores or roasted hot-dogs? 

Add Extra Color and Texture to Your Pool Area:

Painting the walls of a pool house or patio or even purchasing furniture in red, blue, or gold can add a brightness that can shine through the dullness of winter. Adding different textures (flannel, leather, rattan, etc.) in pillows, chairs, patio umbrellas, or blankets to your lounge area can create more visual flair. Make sure they can stand up to your local weather before investing.

If the weather is too frightful for you to enjoy your pool in the winter, fear not! You can still enhance the beauty of your patio while you watch the snow fall from the comfort of a cozy chair.

Spruce Up Your Backyard Scene:

Houselogic.com and Redbeacon.com mention 12 beautiful plants and trees that can add some color and personality amid all the snow including camellia, winterberry, snowdrop, firethorn, heather and holly. These can all withstand the chill and frost and they’re beautiful to look at as well.

In addition, many pool cover companies can also customize them to be whatever shape or color you’d like. Not only will it protect your pool, it can provide a burst of color amidst all the white around it.

Light Up the Night:

Lights aren’t just for Christmas! String lights around your pool and hot tub area to bring some sparkle and interest through the snowy months. Bare branches of trees and shrubs can be given new life with twinkling LEDs.

Get Out and Play:

Your kids (or your inner child) can build snow families or other chilly sculptures to decorate the yard. Fill up spray bottles with water and food coloring to give your creations color or to graffiti the snow.

For tips on how to winterize your pool and treat it before you close it for the winter, please visit these two blog posts from pHin’s chemical guru, Chris.

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