We’re Not Just Building A Product, We’re Building An Ecosystem

We’re Not Just Building A Product, We’re Building An Ecosystem

We’re Not Just Building A Product, We’re Building An Ecosystem

An interesting interview appeared on Business Insider with Andy Rubin, the founder of Playground Global, and our lead investor in our recent $2.2 million funding round. Check it out here.

The author writes “With the rise of connected devices like smart thermostats and door locks, the world increasingly generates data. Simultaneously, computers are getting better at absorbing that data, learning from it, and making decisions such as whether to lower or raise the heat in your house.”

Since we play in the Internet of Things (IoT) segment, we wanted to chime in on this topic. By 2020, 25 billion things will be connected to the Internet, according to Gartner, an industry analyst firm. Beyond cars and health products, our backyards are becoming smart, too.

  • From pool and hot tub care to everyday components involved in outdoor living will be equipped with intelligence to make backyard maintenance simple and fast.
  • This will allow homeowners to enjoy more time with their friends and family at home.

But we see this shift reach well beyond just connecting devices. We envision a future that gives rise to a powerful ecosystem, in which this smart technology will connect people, previously unavailable to each other. It will open doors to new business models and revenue streams we have not seen before.  

Think about it. In our case, pHin is the smart pool solution, which consists of a floating water sensor, a mobile app and unique chemical pods. But why stop here?

With pHin, we are also creating an on-demand service network of qualified technicians, providing them with a gateway into the smart pool industry with access to new revenue streams, broader market coverage, increased service margins and 24/7 customer insight.

The new opportunities pool service professionals can enjoy as a result of smart technology are expected to trigger additional opportunities for suppliers who provide materials for them.

And suppliers in this ecosystem will likely boost business for other players up and down the value chain, forever changing the way we think about our backyards.

We hope you’ll join the smart pool revolution with us! I’m hosting a SplashTalk at PSP in Las Vegas on November 10 at 2:30PM. The topic is Automating Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance to Create High-Margin Services. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you’re a service professional, sign up to join the pHin Service Network.

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