Wireless Pool Chemical Monitors Make Pool Maintenance Easy

Wireless Pool Chemical Monitors Make Pool Maintenance Easy

Many pool owners test pool chemicals themselves with a pool test kit. Although test kits are efficient, wireless pool chemical monitors determine the correct amount of chemicals to keep pool water healthy and safe without having to measure it yourself.

Wireless pool chemical monitors such as pHin are making pool owners' lives easier and ensuring every day is a pool day.

Proper pool chemistry is one of the most important rules of pool maintenance, and sometimes pool owners don’t realize how negligent upkeep can vastly affect blue waters.

The best way to keep clean waters is the right amount of pH and chlorine. Of course, chlorine sanitizes the water, but it can only effectively sanitize the water if the pH level is correct. Both chlorine and pH act together to create the right balance.

This is why 24/7 wireless pool chemical monitors are making pool maintenance and chemical balance easier. The device, pHin, tests waters 144x per day, so there are no surprises in your water. With a wireless pool chemical monitor, every season is swimming season and even better, every day is a pool day.

Wireless chemical monitors ensure the following:

  • Less time spent on pool upkeep, and more time swimming in your pool
  • Less headache from balancing chemicals yourself, more time relaxing
  • Less money spent on test kits
  • Greater pool experience with easy and automatic monitoring!

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